Locus Novus

Locus Novus

your relocation concierge in Lithuania

Changing homes and moving in a new unknown location does not have to be difficult or stressful. We work to make your preparation, arrival, settling in and moving out smooth.

We take care of every little detail – from an exploratory visit to get acquainted with the city, to setting up Europe’s fastest internet connection in your new home – so you can enjoy the results without worrying about the process.


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Assistance with local registration, document translation service overview, accompanied visits to the Migration Office.


Housing search, pre-selection, selection, accompanied visits, assistance with signing the lease agreement.


Kinder garden and school search, setting up the interviews and admissions assistance. Extra-curricular activity search, screening, and information.

Partners and spouses

Introduction to the local expat community, job search assistance, language course proposals. Join Expats in Kaunas group on Facebook here.

Everyday life

English-speaking medical doctors, dentists, hairdressers, cleaners, babysitters, and other service proposals.

Pre-move visits

Orientation tour, city infrastructure, and different areas. 

Settling in

Gyms, stores, hospitals, restaurants, beauticians, accompanied store and other visits. TV, internet, phone line, and other contracts ready for you to sign.

Moving out

Packing and moving company proposals, rental lease and city service contract termination, cleaning service and other local assistance.  

Ieva Tikuisyte about imgAbout me

Hello, my name is Ieva and I am happy to welcome you in my hometown Kaunas in Lithuania. I hold a university degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL); you can expect high service standards and attention to detail in every part of your relocation process.

Until now, I myself have already moved 12 times and I expect to move some more in the future. Before returning to Lithuania, I have spent 15 years living, working and studying in Czech Republic,

Switzerland, and Spain, so I know what it is like to move from one country, city, or apartment to another.

I am in a habit of saying Yes, whatever your request may be – whether you are visiting to get acquainted with the host city, arriving to search for housing, waiting to unpack your possessions from the boxes, or searching for an English-speaking bakery for your child’s first birthday in a new city, my aim is to make Kaunas hospitable and comfortable for you.